Source code for libcst.helpers.expression

# Copyright (c) Meta Platforms, Inc. and affiliates.
# This source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the
# LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.
from typing import Optional, Union

import libcst as cst

[docs]def get_full_name_for_node(node: Union[str, cst.CSTNode]) -> Optional[str]: """Return a dot concatenated full name for str, :class:`~libcst.Name`, :class:`~libcst.Attribute`. :class:`~libcst.Call`, :class:`~libcst.Subscript`, :class:`~libcst.FunctionDef`, :class:`~libcst.ClassDef`, :class:`~libcst.Decorator`. Return ``None`` for not supported Node. """ if isinstance(node, cst.Name): return node.value elif isinstance(node, str): return node elif isinstance(node, cst.Attribute): return f"{get_full_name_for_node(node.value)}.{node.attr.value}" elif isinstance(node, cst.Call): return get_full_name_for_node(node.func) elif isinstance(node, cst.Subscript): return get_full_name_for_node(node.value) elif isinstance(node, (cst.FunctionDef, cst.ClassDef)): return get_full_name_for_node( elif isinstance(node, cst.Decorator): return get_full_name_for_node(node.decorator) return None
[docs]def get_full_name_for_node_or_raise(node: Union[str, cst.CSTNode]) -> str: """Return a dot concatenated full name for str, :class:`~libcst.Name`, :class:`~libcst.Attribute`. :class:`~libcst.Call`, :class:`~libcst.Subscript`, :class:`~libcst.FunctionDef`, :class:`~libcst.ClassDef`. Raise Exception for not supported Node. """ full_name = get_full_name_for_node(node) if full_name is None: raise Exception(f"Not able to parse full name for: {node}") return full_name